When the news broke that we’d been directed to a Shelter In Place Order – I quickly dreaded the thought of being stuck indoors! If you know me, I am one of those people that thrive from being outdoors in nature and enjoy moving around! I couldn’t think of many positives at the outset. Fast forward over a month later and I am enjoying this Shelter in Place! 

This global pandemic has reminded me of the importance of mindfulness. I quickly had to assess how I wanted to experience this time indoors, whether miserable and sad, or happy and positive! I definitely chose the latter despite having work suspended for nearly six weeks now. I wanted to personally share how I’ve chosen to make lemonade out of lemons and hope this inspires someone who may be feeling a bit jaded. We’re in this together!!!

Pick Flowers

I smiled when a fellow Instagram friend nudged me to the challenge, to create a neighborhood floral arrangement. It was so relaxing and fun to go out in the neighborhood and appreciate nature whilst picking flowers! Truth be told, this forms part of my daily routine and is a reminder of how much inspiration can be found in nature!

Eat Local + Fresh 

I’ve been a fan of farm to table produce for as long as I can remember! There is really something delicious about fresh bountiful produce that nourishes our body. This time indoors has provided further opportunity to play in the kitchen and thanks to my mom, I’ve had a steady flow of fresh produce that has been locally harvested. Talk about excited! 

Spring Cleaning 

With an unprecedented amount of free time on our hands thanks to covid-19 – why not get your spring cleaning out of the way! I’ve used this time to reorganize and color coordinate my closet and have found it oddly satisfying to have things remain in place, with this new indoor routine. 

The best part of this spring clean is that it provides a great opportunity to share items with neighbors or your local church/charity. It’s amazing to witness the positives derived from this global pandemic and the opportunity to support our neighbors. 

Creative Workshops 

These have been really fun and have attracted other likeminded people! We have hosted quite a handful now between both Instagram Live which provides a great platform for demonstrative purposes and also, via Zoom Online to provide a greater depth of engagement. 

We’re looking forward to our next workshop this upcoming Saturday 25 April 2020 ay 7PM (ADT) for a fun Artisan Pizza and Wine Night! We’re also lucky to have international life coach Allisson Lacoursiere lead us in a very positive and uplifting conversation! So excited! 

That’s it for now! Wherever you are in the world, I hope you’re safe and sound at home. As we all navigate the global covid-19, it’s important that we’re still nourishing ourselves—not just our stomachs, but also our minds, our hearts, and our communities.

Be well xx


We’re just checking in! 

As we continue to adjust to our new alternate reality – we want to continue to best serve you with inspirational content and DIYs to get you through covid-19!

We are a big lover of strawberries and looking forward to our local supply. We thought it fitting to share a simple recipe, that of course looks beautiful – to kick off the start of spring!  This delicious Strawberry Avocado Spinach Salad is quick and easy to make, full of great fresh flavors, and tossed with a simple lemon basil vinaigrette.

We hope you enjoy! 





    1. In a food processor or high speed blender, combine basil, salt, garlic powder, honey, lemon juice and zest. Pulse 5 times.

    2. Slowly add olive oil while processing. Process for 1-2 minutes or until vinaigrette is completely smooth.


1. Toss all ingredients together with your desired amount of dressing and serve fresh immediately! Enjoy!

Whilst our new alternate reality is taking some getting used to – we’ve spent some time mulling over some well thought out ideas to ensure that memorable moments don’t go missed during this unusual time. Undeniably, this unknown period will encounter birthdays, anniversaries, date nights and other special milestones, which are still worth celebrating!

We asked ourselves what would you be doing if you were hanging out in person and how we could recreate that in isolation. It also led us to dissect our key offerings. Our brand essentially involves the following three pillars – really delicious farm to table food, stunning visuals and convenience. Put simply – we take the hassle out of getting together with your family, friends or colleagues.

So, whilst we cannot provide you with the convenience of a beautiful set up at this time – we can of course, share some DIY tips. Plus, I’m sure we’ve all got a bit of extra time to doodle about 🙂


By now, I think all of you know how much we love food! Fresh, organic and artistically presented! This is the cornerstone of a great event! We have two options for you: (1) go online and have a hand at a few inventive recipes in the kitchen, or (2) support your local restaurants offering take out. 

I feel compelled to expand on the latter. I cannot stress enough as a business owner how much this means to your local takeout spot or restaurant. These businesses have gone through extreme lengths to service our community with good food + convenience whilst also keeping staff employed. We can all do our part by sharing the love!

Plus, this assists with a hassle free celebration, because let’s be honest – most of us dread the thought of cooking and washing dishes!

Set Up 

Find a new space in your home or backyard to have a meal (besides your bed, of course) this will add some novelty to your celebration. Followed by a nature walk, allowing you to immerse into nature and will provide you with some fresh blooms, to decorate your space. Finally, grab the following essentials from your home: glassware, chinaware, cutlery, blankets and pillows.

Create your own special set up and have fun going all out or keeping it simple. You decide! 


There is very little that can match the physical interaction of humans, no matter how advanced our technologies have become! Thus, we particularly love the coming together of loved ones through our beautiful events celebrating beautiful people. During this time, try alternates such as FaceTime, Zoom and Skype. You can see your loved ones – albeit at a safe distance! And, in the interim, we’ll be counting down until we can hug and celebrate with our clients, following this ordeal.

So there you have it, a DIY picnic at its finest!  We hope you use this time to discover the beauty in hitting the “pause” button. We’ll be here when all of this is over and excited, now more than ever to help you celebrate life’s most precious moments! 

PS. Take a photo of your beautiful set up and tag us on Instagram! I promise this would make our day 🙂 @eettafelbermuda

I was recently asked by an overwhelmed client where do you begin when hosting a group of friends or clients for business development. Instinctively, the event planner in me was filled with lots of ideas for pulling off a sophisticated event! I responded with a soft giggle and then proceeded to share my starting framework for each event that I have personally designed.

It was in that moment that I realized my starting base was the most fundamental to hosting any event with ease! Of course, I wanted to share this with all of you, to assist with hosting your next dinner party or event!

1. Budget
This is something I strongly encourage clients to use as a starting point. The budget essentially dictates the possibilities of your event and also, allows you to explore options that are within your reach. Thus, saving lots of time in the long run! Thank me later.

2. Theme
By considering a theme – I consider the format and flow of the event, rather than subscribing to a particular character style or color. Here are a few questions to explore: Are you looking for a formal dinner party? Are you wanting to host cheeky cocktails and nibbles? Or, are you just interested in a hosting a casual barbecue?

3. Guest List
The size of your guest list will in turn reflect the venue required to host the event. If you are interested in something more intimate think of a home or garden setting to provide a natural warmth and comfort. Alternately, if you are thinking of a larger party, think of underused sites in your local area, to provide a novel experience to both you and your guest. Trust me this creates an easy wow factor!

4. Location
It is important to consider all of the surrounding logistics when selecting a venue. I always begin by enquiring on various details that relate to the facility. Are there any operational toilets? Where is the allocated parking? How many guests can the venue accommodate?

5. Food + Drinks
Food and drinks always become the highlight of any good event when thoughtfully considered. I always begin by exploring whether there is interest in having a formal meal with an a la carte menu, or perhaps something more relaxed such as a family style dishes.

Cheers to your next celebration!

We are still receiving amazing compliments from our Food and Fragrance Pairing with Lili Bermuda! This was by far one of my favorite events designed and produced! I know, I know, I describe all of my events in this way – they’re all so special to me.

Our genuine love for Bermuda and the outdoors has been at the cornerstone of all that we do and has allowed us to produce sophisticated events with a local flair! The Food and Fragrance Pairing was another classic example of our innovation and creativity. Who would of thought of a sensory experience, pairing delicious food sourced locally with handcrafted local perfume created by Lili Bermuda.

From the moment I met Isabelle, owner of Lili Bermuda, I knew we’d create an amazing event together. With a similar style and attention to detail we spent months collaborating ideas for this posh garden lunch. I am so grateful for Isabelle’s contribution to this event and for a wonderful collaborative experience!

It is also fitting of me to extend similar thanks to the Bermuda Tourism Authority. This partnership has yielded nothing but positive results for Bermuda! The support received from the BTA has been phenomenal and lends itself to both tangible and intangible support. I could not have thought of a better synergy than the partnership formed with the BTA in meeting our joint objective of creating bespoke and creative experiences in Bermuda!

All this to say, Lili Bermuda and EETTAFEL, are happy to offer this experience for our private and corporate clients, seeking an innovative and memorable dining experience.


Here are some words from our very happy customers!




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