How to effortlessly host + entertain your friends or clients?

Elizabeth Blankendal
March 10th, 2020

I was recently asked by an overwhelmed client where do you begin when hosting a group of friends or clients for business development. Instinctively, the event planner in me was filled with lots of ideas for pulling off a sophisticated event! I responded with a soft giggle and then proceeded to share my starting framework for each event that I have personally designed.

It was in that moment that I realized my starting base was the most fundamental to hosting any event with ease! Of course, I wanted to share this with all of you, to assist with hosting your next dinner party or event!

1. Budget
This is something I strongly encourage clients to use as a starting point. The budget essentially dictates the possibilities of your event and also, allows you to explore options that are within your reach. Thus, saving lots of time in the long run! Thank me later.

2. Theme
By considering a theme – I consider the format and flow of the event, rather than subscribing to a particular character style or color. Here are a few questions to explore: Are you looking for a formal dinner party? Are you wanting to host cheeky cocktails and nibbles? Or, are you just interested in a hosting a casual barbecue?

3. Guest List
The size of your guest list will in turn reflect the venue required to host the event. If you are interested in something more intimate think of a home or garden setting to provide a natural warmth and comfort. Alternately, if you are thinking of a larger party, think of underused sites in your local area, to provide a novel experience to both you and your guest. Trust me this creates an easy wow factor!

4. Location
It is important to consider all of the surrounding logistics when selecting a venue. I always begin by enquiring on various details that relate to the facility. Are there any operational toilets? Where is the allocated parking? How many guests can the venue accommodate?

5. Food + Drinks
Food and drinks always become the highlight of any good event when thoughtfully considered. I always begin by exploring whether there is interest in having a formal meal with an a la carte menu, or perhaps something more relaxed such as a family style dishes.

Cheers to your next celebration!