How to celebrate milestones during a global pandemic?

Elizabeth Blankendal
March 24th, 2020

Whilst our new alternate reality is taking some getting used to – we’ve spent some time mulling over some well thought out ideas to ensure that memorable moments don’t go missed during this unusual time. Undeniably, this unknown period will encounter birthdays, anniversaries, date nights and other special milestones, which are still worth celebrating!

We asked ourselves what would you be doing if you were hanging out in person and how we could recreate that in isolation. It also led us to dissect our key offerings. Our brand essentially involves the following three pillars – really delicious farm to table food, stunning visuals and convenience. Put simply – we take the hassle out of getting together with your family, friends or colleagues.

So, whilst we cannot provide you with the convenience of a beautiful set up at this time – we can of course, share some DIY tips. Plus, I’m sure we’ve all got a bit of extra time to doodle about 🙂


By now, I think all of you know how much we love food! Fresh, organic and artistically presented! This is the cornerstone of a great event! We have two options for you: (1) go online and have a hand at a few inventive recipes in the kitchen, or (2) support your local restaurants offering take out. 

I feel compelled to expand on the latter. I cannot stress enough as a business owner how much this means to your local takeout spot or restaurant. These businesses have gone through extreme lengths to service our community with good food + convenience whilst also keeping staff employed. We can all do our part by sharing the love!

Plus, this assists with a hassle free celebration, because let’s be honest – most of us dread the thought of cooking and washing dishes!

Set Up 

Find a new space in your home or backyard to have a meal (besides your bed, of course) this will add some novelty to your celebration. Followed by a nature walk, allowing you to immerse into nature and will provide you with some fresh blooms, to decorate your space. Finally, grab the following essentials from your home: glassware, chinaware, cutlery, blankets and pillows.

Create your own special set up and have fun going all out or keeping it simple. You decide! 


There is very little that can match the physical interaction of humans, no matter how advanced our technologies have become! Thus, we particularly love the coming together of loved ones through our beautiful events celebrating beautiful people. During this time, try alternates such as FaceTime, Zoom and Skype. You can see your loved ones – albeit at a safe distance! And, in the interim, we’ll be counting down until we can hug and celebrate with our clients, following this ordeal.

So there you have it, a DIY picnic at its finest!  We hope you use this time to discover the beauty in hitting the “pause” button. We’ll be here when all of this is over and excited, now more than ever to help you celebrate life’s most precious moments! 

PS. Take a photo of your beautiful set up and tag us on Instagram! I promise this would make our day 🙂 @eettafelbermuda