5 Tips for Thanksgiving Dinner

November 16th, 2020

Hi friends! 

We hope you had a great weekend! 

With Thanksgiving on the horizon – we wanted to spread the holiday cheer with a few practical and fun ideas for hosting a thanksgiving dinner! 

Plan Ahead  

Establish exactly what your ideal dinner looks like. Who is there? What will you eat? Where are guests eating? It is so important to attach intentionality to special gatherings such as these so they are both meaningful and memorable on the day.  

Don’t Be Afraid to Outsource or Hire Help  

There is no award for saying trying to accomplish everything on your own and then feeling to tired to enjoy dinner! At the outset of your planning endeavors, consider which elements of the day you most enjoy. Is it cooking the turkey? Or, do you more enjoy setting the table? Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to own it! As for all the other components, seek out professional assistance, whether it be a cleaner, catering or a designer to come and set your tablescape. You will enjoy dinner much more as the host knowing you’ve participated in parts of hosting dinner that are fun and getting help with the rest!  

Set The Table In Advance  

Thanksgiving day can be filled with strict timelines for getting everything cooked including the turkey! So why not spend the time a day or two in advance setting your dining table. This allows you to focus on food prep on Thanksgiving rather than running around in circles! 

Make a timeline and master list of everything that needs to happen. 

Avoid last-minute overload by counting backwards from the time dinner is served and scheduling out prep time and oven time. This list can stick on the fridge or wherever you’ll see it. I also find it helpful to set alarms on my phone for really key moments, like putting the turkey in the oven. 

Don’t Forget To Have Fun  

Often times, with all the fuss and frills of holidays, we lose the spirit of the holiday! If planning to host a Thanksgiving dinner feels stressful, you’re doing it wrong! It should be fun both for you and your guests!