The Importance of a Thank You

February 1st, 2021

I wanted to share this week the joy I have in receiving and writing hand written thank you cards!

As a recipient of a gift or a kind gesture – it is nice to share your appreciation with the sender, it goes a long way. So, whether you are hosting an event, bearing gifts, or sharing kindness through small gestures, I hope this newsletter spreads some cheer.

I know some may be thinking a text or email does the trick in expressing gratitude. And you’re right, it does. However, handwriting a note takes extra effort and adds a personal touch that is not easily replicated.

Hand written thank you cards should be different and meaningful to the recipient. Consider these tips the next time you have the opportunity to write a thank you letter:

  • Write something special or sweet about the sender 
  • Include specific reference to what you are thankful for by including a reference to the gift or kind gesture  
  • Highlight how happy the gift or kind gesture made you feel 
  • Don’t forget to say thank you within a reasonable frame 😉  

Happy thank you card writing!

Be well!