Now Launching: Shop Local!

March 1st, 2021

We are excited to launch our *NEW* shop local series this month! This initiative seeks to provide visibility to both new and existing brands that are based on island and provide complementary services and/or products to those of our own, which we know you will LOVE!

On the first Monday of each month you will receive our weekly newsletter with a twist! We have gotten out and about to interview some of the amazing entrepreneurs based on island. Some of the faces are familiar and some of them are recently discovered talents!

First up is the wonderful and super sweet, Naimah Denbrook Cann, owner and founder of the magical brand La Petite Soiree. Check out our full interview below and learn a few party tips!


Business Name: La Petite Soiree

Business Owner(s) Name: Niamah Denbrook Cann

Business Year of Inception: 2017

What inspired you to start your brand: I’ve always had an eye out for products for my kids that are unique, whimsical, and high-quality.  During a family vacation my husband and I discovered a beautifully curated party brand. I immediately became excited and thought WOW! this is perfect for my children’s parties!  Then I thought about access to this for all kids in Bermuda – which led me to create my business. As we grew, we expanded our offerings to include ‘Grown Up Themes’ with a focus on birthdays, bridal showers and baby showers.

Summary of your brand and services: La Petite Soiree is an online store based in Bermuda offering whimsical party supplies and unique gifts. We like to think that we put the ‘art’ in pARTy.

Three words to describe your brand: (Smiles) I can’t think of “just” three words. Magical, chic, happy and whimsical.

What is your favorite part of the job? I really love receiving personal messages from customers sharing how much they love and enjoy our products! It’s all about helping to make throw your soirée a joyful experience.

Do you have any special offerings or announcements you would like to share? We are currently loving our locally designed products. Our Bermuda embossed journals have been a big hit! We were lucky to be featured in The Bermudian magazine as a hot item in the lead up to the holidays!

Any tips for celebrating special moments and milestones at home during a pandemic that you’d like to share? In this climate, we’re finding that many of our customers are choosing to celebrate at home. Whilst we are a product-based business, the focus is not on ‘things’, but the coming together of friends/family and making memories. We provide beautiful décor to help bring your party to life through simple elegance. So, in short – It’s the people who make your party. Their experience is primary, followed by your decor.

How would you decorate for a party on a budget? Throwing a beautiful party doesn’t have to break the bank! It’s definitely possible to decorate for a special celebration on a budget. We recommend using decor that you already have, like flowers from your garden or Monstera leaves. Décor from around your house works as well as using furniture like a console as a beautiful display piece. Alternately, you can borrow from friends or visit a thrift store. The key is to use what you have both outdoors and indoors. What you don’t have – borrow! We recommend looking for party supplies that will make big impact such as party fans, giant balloons or special napkins. You can celebrate in style regardless of your budget! It’s always the people that make the party!

Contact Details
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Facebook            La Petite Soiree Bermuda