What’s a Consultation?

March 22nd, 2021

Happy Monday! Can you have a guess of one of our most frequently asked questions?

I’ll give you a hint. It always begins with – where do I begin Liz?

Events contain so many moving parts, and contrary to popular belief, a well executed event requires lots of time and planning, coupled with professional advice.

Our starting base for any event always begins with a one hour consultation to understand and establish the event specifications with prospective clients.

This allows us to provide clients with realistic event costs based on their particular specifications which can sometimes look complete different from one event to another!

Discussing the dry and not so colorful items at the outset may prove to be boring but it essentially sets the scene for a happy and healthy working relationship with our clients, with an end result being absolutely magical!

If you’re interested in hosting a fabulous dinner or epic party for your favorite people – book a consultation today, so that we can get started on the magic!

Have a great week!
Be Well