Shop Local!

April 5th, 2021

Happy Monday! We are so excited to share this next great guest in our shop local series – Miss T! This initiative seeks to provide visibility to both new and existing brands that are based on island and provide complementary services and/or products to those of our own, which we know you will LOVE!


Business Name: Table For Eight 
Business Owner Name: Miss T
Business Year of Inception: 2017 

What inspired you to start your brand: I was looking for a new hobby and recognized I enjoy cooking and entertaining which led me to start Table For Eight. I have always loved entertaining! I started early on during my college days and am now known as THE house for entertaining friends and family. On the blog I share recipes, tips for entertaining and inspiration for decorating tables.  

Summary of your brand and services: Table for Eight is a blog, a small catering operation for parties of ten or less, and a shop featuring home décor and luxury gifts. The blog serves to bring back a spirit of togetherness within families and among friends, as it’s something I feel we have lost over time. The shop known as Miss T at Home is an online boutique style shop, featuring several items sourced from woman owned, small batch companies, all made in the US. The goal is to promote the feeling of home and the spirit of gathering thru our products. We want you to use our products to create your own unique style & your home to be a reflection of your personality. 

Three words to describe your brand: Warmth, Style, Sophistication – the Miss T at Home tag line! I have identified these words as I thought closely to how I want people to feel when using my products or services. 

What is your favorite part of the job? Meeting people and seeing people happy from my products/services! 

Do you have any special offerings or announcements you would like to share with our readers? Yes – The T Box! I offer a home décor and lifestyle accessories subscription box quarterly. Those interested can subscribe through our website at

What are your top three tips for a novice that would like to begin entertaining at home?

  1. Be open to having people come into your personal space and welcome people into your home, to ensure guests are comfortable and relaxed.
  2. It is important to take time to adequately plan for entertaining guest at home. Guests should not arrive to chaos; you have to have good organization skills when entertaining.
  3. Be a good host and interact with everyone! Make sure to not exclude anyone whilst entertaining 😊

What is your favorite recipe on the blog that you’d like others to check out? (Giggles) I don’t actually have a favorite recipe. I would however highlight my weeknight cooking recipes & cookbook which features amazing weeknight meals. They can be prepared in a short time and encourage you to eat a good meal rather than opting for takeout. 

Contact Details
Instagram @TableforeightMissT
Facebook Table for Eight