Shop Local

May 3rd, 2021

Happy Monday! We are so excited to share this next great guest in our shop local series – Nhuri Bashir! This initiative seeks to provide visibility to both new and existing brands that are based on island and provide complementary services and/or products to those of our own, which we know you will LOVE!

Business Name: Burnt House Productions
Business Owner(s) Name: Nhuri Bashir and Andrew Kirkpatrick
Business Year of Inception: 2015

What inspired you to start your brand: We are both creatives. I (Nhuri) previously worked in the corporate world but have always had a strong appreciation for the arts. I knew that by the age of 30 I wanted to run my own business in a field that I was passionate about. Luckily, both Andrew and I found that we have a good blend of technical and creative skills between us and benefited from working together, as opposed to individually. 

Summary of your brand and services:  Burnt House Productions is a boutique creative agency focused mainly in corporate storytelling and leisure lifestyle niche. We offer creative work, implemented through video and photography. Our services also extend into motion graphics, web and social media strategy.

Brands are like people, each with their own core beliefs or message. We take each entity as a brand new project and do not use any molds. By doing this we keep it fresh without using any preconceptions. Find the voices within the company. Our approach is to sit down with marketing staff or equivalent and go through a discovery call – asking questions about what they are trying to achieve, how they want the company perceived. A creative brainstorm if you will. Then we build our concepts and pitches from that brainstorm to present to the client. Our office is a bit of a creative hub so we spend a lot of time there building out and developing ideas.

Three words to describe your brand:  Creative. Strategic. Authentic.

What is your favorite part of the job? No two days are remotely alike – like ever. That is the best part! I really enjoy the variety, as every day is totally different. One day I could be editing indoors and the next I am out filming on a Mega Yacht.

What are your top three tips for photographing from your iPhone?
Study the rule of thirds
Study the greats
Practice, a lot!

What is your favorite subject to photograph?
I enjoy all aspects of photography! However, travel photography is high up on the list. This is because seeing something new and different, allows you to take a new angle on things. With covid in mind, I have been shooting a lot more studio photography and film which has been awesome also.

Instagram: @nhuribashir @burnthouseproductions
Facebook: burnthouseproductions