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June 7th, 2021

Business Name:  Tastings With Alli and Ocean + Field + Vine Supper Club 

Business Owner(s) Name: 
Tastings With Alli – Allison Estis
Ocean + Field + Vine Supper Club – Owner – Allison Estis, Chef – Chris Duperreault

Business Year of Inception: 2020

What inspired you to start your brands: I’ve been in the entertainment and hospitality industry for quite some time, so I wanted to bring my knowledge and passion together to create a unique experience for people while enjoying and learning about wine in the comfort of their own home. I don’t want people to be overwhelmed and also want to build confidence while they try new wines.

I was inspired to start OFV because my mission has always been to inspire, entertain, and connect people so I am thrilled to bring my spark and expertise to the table. Chris Dupperreault is a chef with a fridge full of creativity, and he’s not afraid of showing this in our seasonal supper club. The Supper Clubs give Chris an opportunity to experiment and create new recipes which he cooks with imagination, and passion and this all comes through in the flavors of each course.

Summary of your brand and services:  Wine tastings that are available in the comfort of your own home. This service is for people with a wine interest or budding passion in great wine. The tastings are offered blind and in teams which adds a fun, competitive element. This service is a very fun way of learning where our guests most often do not realize they are learning because of the fun format, and ultimately encourages people to shop for different wine varietals. 

OFV is a curated, Bermudian dining experience with the overarching commitment to honor the locals whose good work brings bounty to our table. Our purpose is to connect you to the origins of each meal, while celebrating the hardworking hands that feed us: farmers, fisherman, vintners, brewers, beekeepers, and many more.

Three words to describe your brands: Inspiring, Authentic, Exclusive

What is your favorite part of the jobs? I love that I’m able to share my knowledge and passion in a completely new way. My favorite part would have to be that each experience is totally different, with new wines, people and unique pairings.

Do you have any special offerings or announcements you would like to share with our readers?  The events are intimate, with two to three dinners per season. Stay tuned for an upcoming supper club, if you’re lucky to receive an invite.

You can also book tastings with Alli via email or Instagram.

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What are your top three things to consider when wine shopping in the supermarket?
1. Ask yourself if you are planning to make any pairings with food. Often, people buy wine and maybe do not like it but that may be because it does not pair well.
2. Consider the price point. There is an option for everyone! Think outside of the box and try a new region! 
3. Shop around at different supermarkets who may have wines you have never tried which can expand your palate!