Best of Bermuda 2021 Award – Thank you everyone!

July 12th, 2021

For those of you on social media, you would have been aware of our most recent Best of Bermuda award! It would have been remiss of us to not thank you ALL for your kind support.

The award genuinely arrived as a surprise, but so so incredibly grateful for all of you who voted for EETTAFEL! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The ongoing support amidst a pandemic has been overwhelming. I read your kind comments, emails, telephone calls and nudges in the street. It warms my heart so much to share something that I am truly passionate about with the world! Beyond the beautiful aesthetics, pomp and circumstance of high end events, I witness beautiful connections, uncontrollable laughter, new memories forged and the list goes on. This is by far the best part and brings a big smile at the end of a long day!

With EETTAFEL being a true extension of some of the things I love most, I am continuously inspired through travel, nature, and Bermuda in its purest form. This inspiration is conveyed through our brand with our beautiful events and the opportunity to innovate.

With love always,
Liz x