How to Craft an Event Budget

September 6th, 2021

Happy September and sadly, we are seeing the summer coming to an end! We hope you created some beautiful new memories and had a ton of fun. Thanks also for the beautiful birthday wishes.

We had some questions about our newsletter and particularly, how to prepare a robust budget for luxury focused events.

A well prepared budget is one of the most fundamental parts of planning and hosting your event. Without it, even great ideas will fail! Here are some of the essential expenses that your budget should cover.

Venue. This expense should include venue hire together with any insurance or permit you need to obtain.
Catering. This cost encompasses servers, bartenders, food, drinks, table settings, and linen.
Florals. Consider what sort of floral arrangements you’d like to feature at your event and any installations which require further conceptualization and design.
Entertainment. You can customize this aspect to capture the interest of your guests. These expenses can include music equipment and a DJ, depending on the kind of event you are planning.
Creative. Think of hiring a professional event planner and designer to fully optimise the opportunity to be creative and transformative! This could include converting your backyard or going for a themed event, the options are endless!
Planning. This links with a ‘designer’ and if you are lucky to find a planner and designer in one, you’ve got yourself a jackpot win! Planning an event takes countless hours between vendors far before the event date. And, on the event date itself you will learn an event is quite the production from beginning to end! Consider hiring a professional planner to organize your event and have a beautifully executed event as the final product, one without the hassle!
Contingency. The ongoing pandemic has driven home the importance of contingency planning and it is important to ensure that your budget includes an additional 10% – 25% emergency fund to respond to the unexpected.

Happy event planning! Of course, if you have any questions, we are happy to assist. Have a great month ahead xxx

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