EETTAFEL is a boutique events company based in Bermuda. We are the event designers of choice for clients who want a genuinely bespoke event accompanied with flawless delivery.

Experience design is a holistic process which involves connecting experiences from all touchpoints back to our client.

With a love for fine food and elaborate ambiances - Liz wanted to create a boutique events company to express her creativity and curate memorable moments for others to enjoy. Inspired by Bermuda’s beautiful landscape, she infuses the local lifestyle with a rustic flair to create authentic experiences!

Liz has an eye for detail and is always awaiting the next opportunity to create something magical and innovative! Behind EETTAFEL is years of passion in the making. Liz is more than a stylist and more than a planner. She is a vibe creator, a problem solver, a multi-passionate and profoundly creative event producer. And she is not happy unless her clients – and all their guests – are delighted.

Ironically, it has not always been picnics and dinner parties for Liz, having studied law in the United Kingdom and later landing a job as a corporate attorney at a leading local firm. Liz now enjoys days outside of the office creating beautiful moments for beautiful people!

Our Clients

We have a consistent track record of producing innovative first class events and have engaged some of the following clients based both locally and internationally.