Few experiences match the charm and romance of a luxury, rustic styled picnic in the beautiful island of Bermuda! Our all-inclusive luxury picnic service provides the most convenient way to bask in the beautiful outdoors and enjoy a unique dining experience! With numerous settings to choose from, whether a gorgeous sunset backdrop on the beach or lush park greens, you are sure to find a venue to suit your personal style!

Our luxury picnics provide a landscape for every special celebration, whether a birthday, anniversary, baby shower, bridal shower, event launch, styled shoot, client entertainment or just because . . . your guests are guaranteed to be amazed!

Prices start at $399 for our luxury breakfast picnic; $499 for our luxury lunch picnic and $599 for our luxury dinner picnic including two adults, respectively.

Our luxury picnics include all of the following and so much more:

– Environmentally Friendly Luxury Picnic Set Up
– Amazing Farm to Table Meal
– Organic Province Apothecary Hand Sanitizer
– Pack Down + Clean Up
– Access to Exclusive Private Properties
– Add On Services : Yoga, Sailing, Partyware

For more information and group pricing please visit our booking page and have fun creating your own package!