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By booking with and depositing funds to EETTAFEL (Bermuda) referred to as “EETTAFEL”, all clients, referred to as “customer”, “you” and “your” are bound by these Terms and Conditions. The terms “we”, “us”, and “our” refer to EETTAFEL throughout these Terms and Conditions. By booking any service either via phone, email, website or social media with us shall be deemed acceptance to the terms and conditions provided herein.


1. Please be advised that a 50% deposit of the total balance owed is to be remitted at the time of booking to secure the proposed date requested. The outstanding 50% balance is to be made 7 days prior to the event date via the banking instructions included in your invoice. No event or service will be setup unless full payment is made.

In addition, a security deposit of BD$50 must also be remitted at the time of booking, this is a fully refundable deposit. A deduction will be made should permanent damage be found or in the case of missing items from your event service hire. If the damage exceeds BD$50, EETTAFEL reserves the right to recover those additional costs by all means necessary. All property contained within our events, save, for the customized menu food items and complimentary beverages, belongs to EETTAFEL and are expected to be returned in the same condition as which it was found. The equipment is your responsibility during the event hire period and must not be left unattended. Once all items are checked, the full deposit will be deposited back into a nominated bank account within 5 days after the event.

2. The duration of all picnic hires’ is for 2.5 hours, anything above this will incur an additional fee. However, additional time can be arranged, in advance of your picnic.

3. EETTAFEL is located in Bermuda which is subject to changing sub-tropical weather. Should this affect your date, all possible arrangements will be made to move your picnic hire to a more suitable indoor or sheltered location. Please be advised that all picnics are non-refundable within 7 days’ of your picnic. This is attributed to the prearranged sourcing of perishable foods and prior event planning/design for your picnic hire. We will always endeavor to find a happy solution for you however this is a ‘worst case scenario’.

4. Cancellations or reschedules for any reason other than weather need to be made NO LESS than seven days’ in advance from the event hire date, this allows for food service cancellation, as stated above. Failure to do this will result in the full payment being forfeited. A full security deposit will be refunded at this time into a nominated bank account.

5. We source all our food from local suppliers and farmers to ensure the freshest produce is used to create your meals. This also means that grazing tables and menu items that use seasonal produce are not always identical.

6. EETTAFEL will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury to any property or person resulting from the hire or set up of our equipment.

7. EETTAFEL cannot guarantee that any produce on our menu is totally free from nuts, nut derivatives or other ingredients to which guests may have a serious allergic reaction, as we cannot operate in a nut free environment. We would therefore advise guests with a severe allergy to nuts or other ingredients to talk to us directly to arrange an alternative to any chosen meals.

8. EETTAFEL shall make reasonable efforts to perform its obligations under the contract but shall not be liable for any delay or other failure to perform any part of the contract as a result of factors outside of EETTAFEL’s control. EETTAFEL reserves the right to pass any additional costs incurred from its suppliers on to the customer to fulfil the contract.

9. In accordance with appropriate current food legislation, EETTAFEL reserves the right to discard any leftover food items, after the agreed event timetable, where there is a reasonable risk for food borne illness to occur.

10. EETTAFEL reserves the right to substitute products without prior notice due to seasonality and/or availability of produce.

11. We hope you enjoy your event, however, in the unusual instance there are grievances you wish to raise, complaints must be logged within 24 hours of the event.

12. EETTAFEL has a strict policy for handling customer information. It is confidential and protected to the fullest extent possible. EETTAFEL will not disclose or distribute customer information to third parties without prior written consent of the customer.

13. Pursuant to the Liquor License Act 1974 (the “Act”) it is illegal for persons under the age of 18 years to participate in activities that include the consumption of alcohol. EETTAFEL bears no responsibility for any illegal activities that occur during the event hire period.

14. These Terms and Conditions shall be construed in accordance with, and governed by, the laws of Bermuda, exclusive of its choice of law rules. The parties agree to attempt to resolve any dispute, claim or controversy arising out of or relating to these Terms and Conditions first by good faith negotiation. The exclusive jurisdiction for any arbitration or court proceeding based on or arising from these Terms and Conditions shall be Bermuda and any such award shall be binding on the parties. The prevailing party or parties shall be entitled to recover reasonable legal fees and other costs incurred in that action or proceeding, in addition to any other relief to which it or they may be entitled.

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