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Top Trends for Social Summer Parties 

Filed in Events — May 27, 2024

As the sun begins to shine brighter and the temperature rises, it’s time to start planning those unforgettable summer soirées. Whether it’s a chic rooftop gathering or a glamorous poolside affair, summer parties are all about embracing the season’s spirit and creating memorable moments with friends and loved ones. As a high-end event planner, I’m here to share the top trends that will elevate your social summer parties to the next level. 

1. Al Fresco Dining Experiences 

There’s something magical about dining under the stars on a warm summer evening. Al fresco dining continues to be a popular trend for summer parties, with elegantly set tables adorned with fresh flowers, flickering candles, and ambient lighting creating a romantic atmosphere. Consider incorporating long banquet-style tables adorned with crisp linens and lush greenery for a touch of sophistication. 

2. Interactive Food and Beverage Stations 

Move over, traditional buffets! Interactive food and beverage stations are stealing the spotlight at summer parties. From build-your-own taco bars and gourmet grilled cheese stations to craft cocktail bars and liquid nitrogen ice cream stations, these interactive elements add an element of fun and excitement for guests. Encourage creativity and customization, allowing guests to tailor their culinary experience to their tastes. 

3. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Practices 

With growing awareness of environmental issues, many hosts are opting for sustainable and eco-friendly practices when planning their summer parties. This includes using biodegradable serving ware, sourcing locally grown and organic ingredients, and minimizing food waste. Incorporating eco-conscious elements not only reduces the event’s environmental footprint but also demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and responsible hosting. 

4. Bohemian-Inspired Decor 

Embrace laid back bohemian vibes with eclectic decor elements that capture the essence of summer. Think woven rattan accents, colorful Moroccan rugs, oversized floor cushions, and dreamy canopy tents adorned with twinkling fairy lights. Create cozy lounge areas where guests can relax and unwind, surrounded by plush pillows and lush greenery, evoking a sense of bohemian luxury. 

If you’re looking to get creative and dabble into some DIY – check out our custom wooden low picnic tables, blankets and pillows to achieve a boho styled dining set up without all of the hassle!  

5. Live Entertainment Experiences 

Elevate your summer party with live entertainment experiences that captivate and enchant your guests. Whether it’s a live band playing smooth jazz melodies, a DJ spinning the latest hits, or a mesmerizing fire dancer performance, live entertainment adds an extra layer of excitement and energy to any event. Consider hiring performers who can engage with guests and create memorable moments that they’ll be talking about long after the party ends. 

6. Personalized Touches and Customization 

Make your guests feel truly special by incorporating personalized touches and customization throughout the event. From monogrammed cocktail napkins and custom welcome signage to bespoke party favors and themed décor elements, attention to detail goes a long way in creating a memorable experience. Consider incorporating elements that reflect the host’s personality or celebrate a special occasion, adding a personal touch that resonates with guests. 

7. Outdoor Games and Activities 

Keep the energy high and the fun flowing with outdoor games and activities that encourage interaction and laughter among guests. From classic lawn games like cornhole and croquet to oversized Jenga and giant Connect Four, provide opportunities for friendly competition and camaraderie. Consider incorporating themed games or activities that tie into the overall vibe of the party, adding an extra layer of entertainment for guests to enjoy. 

This summer is all about embracing the season’s spirit and creating unforgettable moments with friends and loved ones! By incorporating these top trends into your social summer parties, you’ll elevate the experience and leave a lasting impression on your guests. So, get ready to bask in the warmth of summer and host the soirée of the season! 

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About the Author  

Liz Blankendal, Founder and Creative Director at EETTAFEL, is a visionary in the art of event planning and design. With a deep love for immersive experiences and inspiration drawn from nature’s beauty, Liz transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.   

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