We are excited to announce we have been awarded and named Best Event Planner in Bermuda!


It’s humbling to be recognized but I cannot emphasize enough that we would achieve minimal accolades without ALL of you.


The most incredible network of clients which we have developed over the years.


An unwavering support base consisting of family, friends, mentors, clients and complete strangers who have supported us every step of the way.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the continued opportunities to expand.


Best always 

Liz x 

Happy September and sadly, we are seeing the summer coming to an end! We hope you created some beautiful new memories and had a ton of fun. Thanks also for the beautiful birthday wishes.

We had some questions about our newsletter and particularly, how to prepare a robust budget for luxury focused events.

A well prepared budget is one of the most fundamental parts of planning and hosting your event. Without it, even great ideas will fail! Here are some of the essential expenses that your budget should cover.

Venue. This expense should include venue hire together with any insurance or permit you need to obtain.
Catering. This cost encompasses servers, bartenders, food, drinks, table settings, and linen.
Florals. Consider what sort of floral arrangements you’d like to feature at your event and any installations which require further conceptualization and design.
Entertainment. You can customize this aspect to capture the interest of your guests. These expenses can include music equipment and a DJ, depending on the kind of event you are planning.
Creative. Think of hiring a professional event planner and designer to fully optimise the opportunity to be creative and transformative! This could include converting your backyard or going for a themed event, the options are endless!
Planning. This links with a ‘designer’ and if you are lucky to find a planner and designer in one, you’ve got yourself a jackpot win! Planning an event takes countless hours between vendors far before the event date. And, on the event date itself you will learn an event is quite the production from beginning to end! Consider hiring a professional planner to organize your event and have a beautifully executed event as the final product, one without the hassle!
Contingency. The ongoing pandemic has driven home the importance of contingency planning and it is important to ensure that your budget includes an additional 10% – 25% emergency fund to respond to the unexpected.

Happy event planning! Of course, if you have any questions, we are happy to assist. Have a great month ahead xxx

Best regards,

Happy August! August is by far my favorite month, I celebrate a birthday, summer holidays, and long evenings – what’s not to love?! 🙂 I hope each and every one of you are having the best summer.

In celebration of my birthday, for the month of August – and only for our extra special newsletter subscribers – I’d like to offer you a 25% discount on our EETTAFEL At Home dining collections, just use the code SUMMER21 at check out. I want you to enjoy celebrating all month long as much as I do!

EETTAFEL At Home seeks to deliver an elegant and sophisticated dining experience within the comforts of your own home by removing the guesswork from setting your table. Indulge in high end dinnerware collections for your next dinner party without all the hassle!

Our collections provide a sustainable way to entertain by offering curated dinnerware collections for hire. Indulge in beautiful chinaware without the requirement of purchasing and storing bespoke accoutrements. The convenience of delivery is the icing on the cake!

I would also like to share quick and easy tips to get you started if you are thinking of hosting a celebration for your birthday! Whilst birthdays are fun in nature, the planning can be stressful for some, and many may not know where to begin.

If this sounds like you, thank us later and take these tips as a head start 🙂

  1. Choose the date. The ideal day for a party is over the weekend. This ensures that your guests will be available. You can pick the weekend before or after your actual birthday.
  2. Pick the venue. If you want an intimate party with just friends and family, then host the party at your house. If you want something more formal, go with a restaurant or private location that aligns with your personality and the vibe you’re looking to create.
  3. Write the guest list. Make a list of all the guests that you want invited to you party so you won’t forget anyone. Be prepared for a few maybes, and apologies from guests who are unavailable. Hence, you want to mark the date, as soon as practicable.
  4. Send your birthday invitations. Once your venue and date are set, send out invitations to your guest list. There are cool sites like e-vite.com, traditional cards which are beautiful, or a simple Whatsapp blast can also get the job done.
  5. Budget. As with the private events we plan, it’s always important to begin with defining a budget. Then work backwards. This way you plan based on the budget available.  You also will feel happier knowing you spent a comfortable amount after the event without breaking the bank!

We hope you enjoyed these tips and your discount code!!! Have an amazing month full of love, success and stay safe.

Best regards,

PS. We have pivoted to monthly posts! Tell us what you think or if you prefer weekly.

Cup Match, one of Bermuda’s biggest events of the year, takes place over two days in summer. The event is centered around a heated cricket match between two island rivals, St. George’s and Somerset, but the fun continues all weekend long with concerts, beach parties, and plenty of food and drink.

Whilst the ongoing pandemic has interrupted this highly anticipated event for a second year in a row, we are still excited about the prospects of enjoying a beach day, family BBQ’s and getting out on the boat!

Whatever you decide to do we wish all of you a safe and fun filled Cup Match holiday weekend!

We are so happy to be fully outside again and loving this warm weather!!! Summer is by far a favourite season and the time spent in Bermuda makes it all that more special. We wanted to share some of our favourite ‘al fresco’ restaurants to visit if you’re looking for a good meal and a good time! Let’s get out and support our restaurant industry and make the most of the summer!

Lido at Elbow Beach
Café Lido is a Bermuda restaurant that offers fine food and lovely views of the beach. Situated above the beautiful pink sands of Elbow Beach, Café Lido, an elegant fine dining Bermuda Restaurant, offers an innovative, Mediterranean-influenced menu with an emphasis on deliciously fresh, local seafood. Offering a sophisticated ambiance, impeccable service, superb wine list, and stunning views, its reputation is unsurpassed.

Blû Restaurant
Blû restaurant located in the scenic beauty of the Belmont Hills Golf Course with spectacular views overlooking the Great Sound and Hamilton Harbour.

This beautiful restaurant offers fine steak, fish, and other fare from the grill, complimented by an award-winning wine list.  Blû’s cuisine is bold American with generous Italian and Asian influences as well as a delightful sushi menu. 

White Horse
White Horse Pub & Restaurant is Bermuda’s oldest pub. Located in St. George’s, they serve up some of the best food and drinks on island and offer some of the best local vibes!!! If you are looking for a good time, with good music and local flair – this is the spot to be!

Sul Verde
Sul Verde brings the spirit of Southern Italy to the shores of Bermuda, celebrating the simple, authentic flavours of Campania in a convivial setting. Delectable cheeses, pasta, bread, and sausages are prepared in-house using the finest ingredients. The décor at this golf club restaurant is lovely, and coupled with great service you are sure to be in for a treat!

For those of you on social media, you would have been aware of our most recent Best of Bermuda award! It would have been remiss of us to not thank you ALL for your kind support.

The award genuinely arrived as a surprise, but so so incredibly grateful for all of you who voted for EETTAFEL! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The ongoing support amidst a pandemic has been overwhelming. I read your kind comments, emails, telephone calls and nudges in the street. It warms my heart so much to share something that I am truly passionate about with the world! Beyond the beautiful aesthetics, pomp and circumstance of high end events, I witness beautiful connections, uncontrollable laughter, new memories forged and the list goes on. This is by far the best part and brings a big smile at the end of a long day!

With EETTAFEL being a true extension of some of the things I love most, I am continuously inspired through travel, nature, and Bermuda in its purest form. This inspiration is conveyed through our brand with our beautiful events and the opportunity to innovate.

With love always,
Liz x

Business Name:  Mia + James at Elbow Beach Seabreeze
Business Owner(s) Name: Mia Page and James Gregory
Business Year of Inception: 2020

What inspired you to start your brands: We have always had an involvement in music from a very young age and thus, we saw a natural evolution of becoming musicians. I am inspired by Dolly Parton, Stevie Nicks and Bob Marley being one of my favorite songwriters of all time. I have always seen music play a huge role in my life!

Summary of your brand and services:  

We are a live acoustic entertainment service with a residency at Seabreeze at Elbow Beach.

We also perform at other venues across the island and host private shows for weddings and birthdays. In addition, we have performed on True Bermuda and have organized private recordings for weddings in lieu of playing live during the current climate. We are also happy to provide DJ services!

Three words to describe your brands: Professional, Feel Good Factor, and Vibrancy

What is your favorite part of the job? I love playing with my husband!!! We have a really great time. The connection shared on stage is shared with our audience which is really great!

Do you have any special offerings or announcements you would like to share with our readers?  We are a full-service team, with all of the sound equipment needed to perform at your event. We are also happy to learn a special song or two for our host to perform, which is really special.

What are your top three tips for curating a set list for an event/performance?
1. Think about music that you really like yourself.
2. Think about the event venue and logistics for set up of the music equipment.
3. Think about the meaningfulness and connectivity that the music will bring to you and your guests!

Contact Details: 
Instagram: @MiaChambray
Facebook: @Mia Page

As you head back into the outdoors this summer, we wanted to share some COVID safe best practices for attending gatherings.

The importance of COVID safe gatherings is paramount if we want to resume a sense of normalcy. 😊

Please check out these tips below and share with your friends who love to entertain!

  1. Ensure you have ample handwashing facilities and hand sanitizer available for all of your guest to maintain good hygiene and cleanliness. Ensure there are resources to allow your guest to dry their hands. A cute idea for small groups, is to provide your guest with mini bottles of hand sanitizer to encourage constant use throughout your event! 
  2. Before arranging your events, check for recent guidelines and regulations from health authorities about local COVID-19 restrictions on the number of people allowed.
  3. If you or anyone in your household is unwell or have cold or flu symptoms, cancel the event, stay home, and get tested.
  4. Don’t forget to contact your guests just before the event to check they are feeling well. Ask them not to attend if they are unwell.
  5. It is also courteous to make a list of anyone who attends your event and their contact details, in the event contact tracing is required.

Best always,

A big thank you to all of you for following along on our journey! Thank you for reading our newsletters, sharing your stories, and allowing us to celebrate your special moments with you!

With so many new faces joining, we are always so full of love, gratitude, and inspiration to continue to share our beautiful events with the world.

So today, thank you for being a part of our tribe and sending you lots of love.

Best always,

Is anyone else as excited us to see the covid-19 related restrictions are decreasing in Bermuda?!

The last few months have been a continued roller coaster ride. Yet, we are as excited as ever to get back to designing your events and helping you celebrate special moments.

As we continue to witness the various regulations which allow us all to get back outdoors, you may wonder what tips we have to prepare for summer events.

Today we are sharing three important tips to kickstart your summer!

Plan Ahead – The more time you give yourself to plan the event, the better. It’s best to gather all the information you need now including proposals for your event so you are armed and ready for when it’s time to make some decisions. Now when everyone else is waiting on proposals from event planners handling a rush of new inquiries, you will already have your proposal in hand! Take advantage of the calm before the storm!

Reserve Your Date – Date availability at the best venues is always a hassle, but throw in pent up demand from the pandemic and finding a date a month or two from now is going to be a nightmare. If you have an annual family event that typically falls on the same weekend each year, why not put it on hold and get a proposal done now?  You will delight in awe when planning begins and you have secured reservations at some of your favorite spots.

Contingency Plan –It’s no surprise, although there are clear signs of progress, we are arguably still in the amber zone. Hence, while we are thrilled to get back out with you to celebrate events, we advise our clients to err on the size of caution and contingency plan from the outset. If you’ve worked with us before, you’ll note that we strongly encourage preparing for a Plan A, Plan B and Plan C that are all spectacular. Don’t wait for COVID-19 restrictions to catch you out, when contingency planning is where it’s at in 2021!

Liz x

Business Name:  Tastings With Alli and Ocean + Field + Vine Supper Club 

Business Owner(s) Name: 
Tastings With Alli – Allison Estis
Ocean + Field + Vine Supper Club – Owner – Allison Estis, Chef – Chris Duperreault

Business Year of Inception: 2020

What inspired you to start your brands: I’ve been in the entertainment and hospitality industry for quite some time, so I wanted to bring my knowledge and passion together to create a unique experience for people while enjoying and learning about wine in the comfort of their own home. I don’t want people to be overwhelmed and also want to build confidence while they try new wines.

I was inspired to start OFV because my mission has always been to inspire, entertain, and connect people so I am thrilled to bring my spark and expertise to the table. Chris Dupperreault is a chef with a fridge full of creativity, and he’s not afraid of showing this in our seasonal supper club. The Supper Clubs give Chris an opportunity to experiment and create new recipes which he cooks with imagination, and passion and this all comes through in the flavors of each course.

Summary of your brand and services:  Wine tastings that are available in the comfort of your own home. This service is for people with a wine interest or budding passion in great wine. The tastings are offered blind and in teams which adds a fun, competitive element. This service is a very fun way of learning where our guests most often do not realize they are learning because of the fun format, and ultimately encourages people to shop for different wine varietals. 

OFV is a curated, Bermudian dining experience with the overarching commitment to honor the locals whose good work brings bounty to our table. Our purpose is to connect you to the origins of each meal, while celebrating the hardworking hands that feed us: farmers, fisherman, vintners, brewers, beekeepers, and many more.

Three words to describe your brands: Inspiring, Authentic, Exclusive

What is your favorite part of the jobs? I love that I’m able to share my knowledge and passion in a completely new way. My favorite part would have to be that each experience is totally different, with new wines, people and unique pairings.

Do you have any special offerings or announcements you would like to share with our readers?  The events are intimate, with two to three dinners per season. Stay tuned for an upcoming supper club, if you’re lucky to receive an invite.

You can also book tastings with Alli via email or Instagram.

Contact Details: 

What are your top three things to consider when wine shopping in the supermarket?
1. Ask yourself if you are planning to make any pairings with food. Often, people buy wine and maybe do not like it but that may be because it does not pair well.
2. Consider the price point. There is an option for everyone! Think outside of the box and try a new region! 
3. Shop around at different supermarkets who may have wines you have never tried which can expand your palate!

We are weeks away from summer and what is summer without a refreshing glass of freshly squeezed lemonade! Today we are sharing this tried and tested mint lemonade recipe by Martha Stewart.

Enjoy a glass while enjoying the summer rays and let’s toast to a great summer!


Mint Lemonade Recipe by Martha Stewart



Step 1

Step 2

Happy Bermuda day holiday week! Yeah!!

While this is another year without our heritage parade, we can still celebrate our beautiful island with cheer!

Whether you’re heading to the beach or chilling by the pool, the holiday is great day to simply enjoy and relax.

If you are entertaining at home, consider styling your table with our beautiful EETTAFEL At Home kits which have proved popular! We promise there is a style for everyone. Cheers to the holiday and wishing you and yours the best.

Until next week xx
Be well

Is anyone else joining us on the countdown until summer???

Summer is my absolute favorite season, for so many reasons including my birth month. Summer sees warmer weather, longer days and hints at the holidays!

Whilst COVID continues to linger we will not let it steal our joy. We are looking forward to summer events whether smaller in nature or just for you and your family.

If you’ve been unable to escape the island and experiencing travel fever – why not consider creating a special experience on island for you and your family or friends.

Event planners and designers have the skill and ‘know how’ to transform even the most familiar spaces!

Looking forward to an epic summer full of lots of love and laughter!

Be well,

Thank you so much for taking a few moments out of your day to read our blog!

We continue to see the ongoing prohibitive effects of covid-19 as a collective and I am sure we are all thinking when will this end! Yup, you are not alone.

We hope our social media feeds and weekly newsletter has provided some comfort and a source of inspiration during these uncertain and unusual days.

We launched our EETTAFEL At Home a month ago and shortly after were faced with a ‘Stay At Home” order by the Bermuda government. Not exactly the launch month we were looking at!

As we all innovate and seek to add color to our lives – it has been paramount for our brand to continue in this vein also.

If you are looking to brighten up an at home meal and share an EETTAFEL At Home experience, give our beautifully prepared kits a try. We promise it will not disappoint!

Until next week… stay safe and keep well.


Happy Monday! We are so excited to share this next great guest in our shop local series – Nhuri Bashir! This initiative seeks to provide visibility to both new and existing brands that are based on island and provide complementary services and/or products to those of our own, which we know you will LOVE!

Business Name: Burnt House Productions
Business Owner(s) Name: Nhuri Bashir and Andrew Kirkpatrick
Business Year of Inception: 2015

What inspired you to start your brand: We are both creatives. I (Nhuri) previously worked in the corporate world but have always had a strong appreciation for the arts. I knew that by the age of 30 I wanted to run my own business in a field that I was passionate about. Luckily, both Andrew and I found that we have a good blend of technical and creative skills between us and benefited from working together, as opposed to individually. 

Summary of your brand and services:  Burnt House Productions is a boutique creative agency focused mainly in corporate storytelling and leisure lifestyle niche. We offer creative work, implemented through video and photography. Our services also extend into motion graphics, web and social media strategy.

Brands are like people, each with their own core beliefs or message. We take each entity as a brand new project and do not use any molds. By doing this we keep it fresh without using any preconceptions. Find the voices within the company. Our approach is to sit down with marketing staff or equivalent and go through a discovery call – asking questions about what they are trying to achieve, how they want the company perceived. A creative brainstorm if you will. Then we build our concepts and pitches from that brainstorm to present to the client. Our office is a bit of a creative hub so we spend a lot of time there building out and developing ideas.

Three words to describe your brand:  Creative. Strategic. Authentic.

What is your favorite part of the job? No two days are remotely alike – like ever. That is the best part! I really enjoy the variety, as every day is totally different. One day I could be editing indoors and the next I am out filming on a Mega Yacht.

What are your top three tips for photographing from your iPhone?
Study the rule of thirds
Study the greats
Practice, a lot!

What is your favorite subject to photograph?
I enjoy all aspects of photography! However, travel photography is high up on the list. This is because seeing something new and different, allows you to take a new angle on things. With covid in mind, I have been shooting a lot more studio photography and film which has been awesome also.

Website: www.bhp.bm
Instagram: @nhuribashir @burnthouseproductions
Facebook: burnthouseproductions
Email: Nhuri@intobermuda.com


Happy Monday!

Our calendar is filling and we are excited for the beautiful events we have upcoming, and as always are grateful for your support in entrusting us with your special moments.

Let’s brighten the week with a few beautiful events to daydream of in the meantime and in between time 😊

Spring is in the air! And, we are loving every bit of it!!!

We are sharing a super pretty and easy DIY for you to try at home, that we hope you will love. 

This DIY wine bucket holder will take your spring entertaining game to a new level and sets the stage as a great conversation starter at your next party.

Check out the instructions available at Delicious Table for a step by step pictorial on this masterpiece.

Be well,
Liz x

PS. If you are in Bermuda, have fun foraging your neighborhood or a local park nearby for some pretty flora and fauna (for free) and see what beauty you come up with!

PPS. Send us a photo if you get around to having a go at this – we would love to see!

Happy Monday! And, more importantly, Happy Spring! This makes me so so so happy 😊

It soon marks longer days, warmer weather, and lots more time spent outdoors.

A dream come true for an outdoor girl!

As we step into the Spring 2021 season, what trends should we expect?

I am forecasting an upward trend in al fresco events whilst we continue to adjust to our new “normal”.

This translates to all your favorite restaurants boasting outdoor seating, being booked early on private gatherings both small and large, so be sure to book well in advance.

We are also seeing clients interested in some of the most beautiful outdoors venues in Bermuda to host events.

Brunches continue to be popular for their cheerful vibe and early start time, for our Gen X revelers who are seeking to have a bit of fun from a busy financial services year.

Large concerts, conferences, and gatherings still seem to be on the blacklist but hopefully our local followers will get to participate in annual Cupmatch Classics. If you don’t know what this is, its one of the best holidays of the year in Bermuda and spans over a four day holiday weekend! Fingers crossed.

Wishing you all a happy spring and lots of happy days ahead.

Be Well,
Liz x

Happy Monday! We are so excited to share this next great guest in our shop local series – Miss T! This initiative seeks to provide visibility to both new and existing brands that are based on island and provide complementary services and/or products to those of our own, which we know you will LOVE!


Business Name: Table For Eight 
Business Owner Name: Miss T
Business Year of Inception: 2017 

What inspired you to start your brand: I was looking for a new hobby and recognized I enjoy cooking and entertaining which led me to start Table For Eight. I have always loved entertaining! I started early on during my college days and am now known as THE house for entertaining friends and family. On the blog I share recipes, tips for entertaining and inspiration for decorating tables.  

Summary of your brand and services: Table for Eight is a blog, a small catering operation for parties of ten or less, and a shop featuring home décor and luxury gifts. The blog serves to bring back a spirit of togetherness within families and among friends, as it’s something I feel we have lost over time. The shop known as Miss T at Home is an online boutique style shop, featuring several items sourced from woman owned, small batch companies, all made in the US. The goal is to promote the feeling of home and the spirit of gathering thru our products. We want you to use our products to create your own unique style & your home to be a reflection of your personality. 

Three words to describe your brand: Warmth, Style, Sophistication – the Miss T at Home tag line! I have identified these words as I thought closely to how I want people to feel when using my products or services. 

What is your favorite part of the job? Meeting people and seeing people happy from my products/services! 

Do you have any special offerings or announcements you would like to share with our readers? Yes – The T Box! I offer a home décor and lifestyle accessories subscription box quarterly. Those interested can subscribe through our website at shop.tableforeightbda.com

What are your top three tips for a novice that would like to begin entertaining at home?

  1. Be open to having people come into your personal space and welcome people into your home, to ensure guests are comfortable and relaxed.
  2. It is important to take time to adequately plan for entertaining guest at home. Guests should not arrive to chaos; you have to have good organization skills when entertaining.
  3. Be a good host and interact with everyone! Make sure to not exclude anyone whilst entertaining 😊

What is your favorite recipe on the blog that you’d like others to check out? (Giggles) I don’t actually have a favorite recipe. I would however highlight my weeknight cooking recipes & cookbook which features amazing weeknight meals. They can be prepared in a short time and encourage you to eat a good meal rather than opting for takeout. 

Contact Details
Website www.tableforeightbda.com
Instagram @TableforeightMissT
Facebook Table for Eight


Here are some words from our very happy customers!




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